We often hear people moan about how boring Geneva is. We really couldn't agree less. The idea behind the website is to uncover and discover Geneva from every angle and share our experiences with likeminded people.

We've found the city to be beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming.

Our site is unapologetically subjective reflecting our own choices, preferences and tastes.

We hope to give you a bit of flesh around the story, colour, personal observations and insights, with the aim to celebrate Geneva.

Of course, the website has also given us the perfect excuse to eat and drink our way around the city!



The Things to do in Geneva team are all expats who are passionate about Geneva!

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I am curious about life, which means I’m seldom bored. I love Geneva and enjoy getting under its skin.

As a journalist and communications consultant I enjoy writing stories that make people sit up and notice.

My other big passion is yoga. As a qualified teacher (500 hours), I love to share this passion with my students.

See my article about yoga in Geneva.

I grew up in South Africa and have lived in Berlin, Paris and London before moving to Geneva in 2016.



Social Media Manager

I am an energetic Swiss-Italian and Brazilian student in International Relations and Media Communications.

I am passionate about writing and communicating innovative ideas and touching stories. Things to do in Geneva is an excellent platform for expats (or tourists) looking for things to do in the city. I enjoy helping the team to increase their presence on social media.

I moved to Geneva three yeas ago for my studies.

I speak and write in 5 languages (Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese) due to my previous expat life.

I’ve lived in Mexico (Mexico City), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Switzerland (Lugano and Geneva).

I love savouring life. During my free time I take dancing and acting classes; I also practice yoga.




I am a lawyer by day but dreamer and wanderer at night, deep down, I am a bohemian spirit who dreams of living in a rattan hut on a laid-back island.

I have a complicated love and hate relationship with Geneva. I went to High School in Geneva and then I left for 10 years eager to explore the world and came back 3 years ago with my American husband.

I love Geneva in the summer, I think that is when she truly reveals all her charms. Geneva in the summer is laid-back and relaxed. You can swim in the Lake or in the Rhône river and jump from the Jonction bridge. People are chilling and grilling on the grass everywhere. Hammocks are hung between two trees on the Rhone River. There are spontaneous picnics and salsa dancing in Jardin Anglais. You can cycle around the lake, paddle at Tropical Corner among many other cool places to swim and relax and yes, dancing at Les Voiles.




I was born in Geneva where I am working as a lawyer and as an enthusiastic vinyasa & prenatal yoga teacher (www.thesakurayoga.com).

Maybe because Geneva is quite small, I love the big cities of East Asia and travel there at least once a year.

As I’m also a part-time photographer (www.juliegabus.com) I’m very happy to contribute to thingstodoingeneva.ch as it is a great way to help people see the beauty and the interests of Geneva.

You can also find me on Instagram @juliegabusview (pictures) and @thesakurayoga (yoga)”



Laura NY



I was born in Amsterdam, but have left the Netherlands many years ago. After having lived in France, I moved to Geneva in 2003 and almost immediately met my French-Swiss husband. We now have two children, and they would not want to live anywhere else but here. I love the nature that surrounds Geneva, and I consider ourselves lucky!

Coming from a flat country below sea level, I love the fact that on a grey day with low clouds, you could choose to drive up the mountain to catch some sunbeams! Geneva’s central location is also convenient for us, as our family lives either in Amsterdam or in the South of France.

I have a passion for travel, food, and learning about different cultures and write about that on my blog called Let’s Explore. It is a family travel blog which also has a recipe series, with recipes from around the world shared by locals.

This recipe series has been a very enriching experience, since it makes us learn from cultures, on different ways of cooking, and, I get to know some of the great people that live in this international area!

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Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, I moved to Geneva in 2009 after living in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. I’m a huge fan of the climate in Geneva and I adore the fascinating mix of people. As a great lover of theatre, dance, music and art, I find Geneva’s arts scene a bit frustrating but there are some good finds.

I qualified in 2018 as a clinical reflexologist and travel to client’s homes all over Geneva to treat them. I believe reflexology to be a fabulous tool to enhance and improve physical and mental wellbeing and I have a special interest in women’s health. Visit my website or email reflexologysarah@yahoo.com to find out more.

My other passion is travel and for a long time now, I have offered a travel planning service: Inspire My Travel. It is aimed at people overloaded with holiday options and no time to research them, something I love to do.




I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Geneva in 2004 to go to university. It was a tough adjustment (I was simply not prepared for how cold winter is over here), but today I can’t imagine living somewhere else. The quality of life we have here is unbeatable.


Geneva was also where I discovered my passions: writing, photography, food and wine. I talk about these things and more through my Instagram account, @brightaylor and on Twitter, @Bri_GHTaylor


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