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We often hear people moan about how boring Geneva is. We really couldn't agree less. The idea behind the blog is to uncover and discover Geneva from every angle and share our experiences with likeminded people. We've found the city to be beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming – especially if you try to speak a bit of French.

Our website is deliberately personal and unapologetically subjective reflecting our own choices, preferences and tastes. We hope to give you a bit more – a bit of flesh around the story, colour, personal observations and insights, with the main aim to celebrate Geneva.

Of course, the website has also given us the perfect excuse to eat and drink our way around the city.


Vivian (English with a touch of French) and Chené (South African) are expats who met over breakfast at a mutual friend's house, where the idea for the website was born.

Our lovely profile pics are courtesy of the very talented Catherine Lewis.

Check out her website. She made us feel like celebs.

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Copy editor and writer

I am curious about life, which means I’m seldom bored. I love Geneva and enjoy getting under its skin.

As a journalist and communications consultant (www.picknmixcomms.com) I enjoy writing stories that make people sit up and notice. Vivian is the visual one and has lived here much longer, so she knows the city well. We make a fab team in my opinion.

My other big passion is yoga, which has made me stronger than I’ve ever been (both in body and mind). As a qualified teacher, I love to share this passion with my students. See my article about yoga in Geneva.

I grew up in South Africa and have lived in Berlin, Paris and London before moving to Geneva in 2016.

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Design editor and writer

I love all things creative – interior design, photography, food, art, travel and gardening and feed my soul and creative needs by exploring new and exciting places.

Born in London with a French mother (sadly, I only learnt french when I moved here) meant a very metropolitan life for me - the main reason why I adore city life so much.  I now combine it with living in the french countryside close to Geneva. One of my reasons for starting this website after living here for almost 14 years, is to see Geneva in a new light. The city is changing, with many new and exciting things to see and do. This website has been set up as a platform for sharing information, recommendations and ideas, so please remember to share your ideas with us. Let's work the grapevine.




Fernanda I Silva is an International Public Relations student from Mexico living in Geneva who enjoys writing, sharing and creating stories. Currently doing empirical research on “il dolce far niente” lifestyle while looking for the best Chai and sweets in town. You can follow her quest through Instagram @soyferitzel.
Passionate about communications, marketing and arts, she has worked for design weeks, movie festivals, magazines and her friends’ gatherings, as PR coordinator, social media strategist, radio announcer and freelance writer. Her love for foreign languages makes her sing in Spanish, write in English, work in German and love in French.
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Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, I moved to Geneva in 2009 after living in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. I’m a huge fan of the climate in Geneva (coming from the land of horizontal rain) and I adore the fascinating mix of people. I would however rather stick pins in my eyes than go skiing. I like the mountains, enjoy the hot cheese but sliding at great speed down steep slopes is not for me. Because of this I have had to work hard to occupy myself in the winter. As a great lover of theatre, dance, music and art, I find Geneva’s arts scene a bit frustrating but if you look hard, there are some good finds.

My other passion is travel and my travel planning service: inspiremytravel is aimed at people overloaded with holiday options and no time to research them. Many people go back to the same destination year on year as they haven't the time to plan a different trip. This is a holiday crime, but I can help repeat offenders.





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KELLY MARCISZ – Social Media Manager

I love adventures, good books, delicious food and wine and spending time with my family. I recently moved to Geneva with my husband, and as they say we are here for a good time not a long time! I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and I'm here to enjoy Geneva for the next few years until we return home. I love social media and look forward to helping Things to do in Geneva build their social media presence.

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist and specialise in working with women and children, I have currently moved my practice online www.kellymarcisz.com while keeping an online presence on social media too @withwomeninmind.


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