The idea behind the website is to uncover and discover Geneva from every angle and share our experiences with like-minded people.

We’ve found the city to be beautiful, culturally rich, and welcoming.

Our site is unapologetically subjective reflecting our own choices, preferences and tastes.

We hope to give you a bit of flesh around the story, colour, personal observations, and insights, with the aim to celebrate Geneva.

Of course, the website has also given us the perfect excuse to eat and drink our way around the city!


The Things to do in Geneva team are all expats who are passionate about Geneva!

Chene Koscielny - Editor in Chief



I am curious about life, which means I’m seldom bored. I love Geneva and enjoy getting under its skin.

As a journalist and communications consultant I enjoy writing stories that make people sit up and notice.

My other big passion is yoga. As a qualified teacher (500 hours), I love to share this passion with my students.

See my article about yoga in Geneva.

I grew up in South Africa and have lived in Berlin, Paris and London before moving to Geneva in 2016.

Alexandra Osvath - TTDGVA


Lead Editor

I am from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, and moved to Geneva in 2015 with my husband after living in France and Spain. I love how international Geneva is for a small city, and how easy it is to spend time on the lake, biking, or in the mountains!

Geneva is where I discovered my passion for bringing stories to life  through pen and social media. I work as social media coordinator for an international organization.

I’m also passionate about travel and all things languages and linguistics. I’ll be the one taking pictures of road signs in Welsh…

Brigitte Taylor - Contributor



I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Geneva in 2004 to go to university. It was a tough adjustment (I was simply not prepared for how cold winter is over here), but today I can’t imagine living somewhere else. The quality of life we have here is unbeatable.

Geneva was also where I discovered my passions: writing, photography, food and wine. I talk about these things and more through my Instagram account, @brightaylor and on Twitter, @Bri_GHTaylor

Swiss foods to try Geneva


Travel Content Writer

I was born in Amsterdam, but have left the Netherlands many years ago. After having lived in France, I moved to Geneva in 2003 and met my French-Swiss husband. We now have two children, and they would not want to live anywhere else but here. I love the nature that surrounds Geneva, and consider ourselves lucky!

Coming from a flat country below sea level, I love the fact that on a grey day with low clouds, you could choose to drive up the mountain to catch some sunbeams!

I have a passion for travel, food, and learning about different cultures and write about that on my blog called Let’s Explore. It is a family travel blog which also has a recipe series. This recipe series has been very enriching!

Website: https://letsexplore.ch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetsExploreCH/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lets.explore.ch/

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