See striking street photography at this exhibition from Sabine Jaccard at the Cité du Temps.

Naming Shakespeare as a key inspiration, Sabine Jaccard presents the stuff that dreams are made of in her exhibition, “All the World’s a Stage”. Each of the pictures on show captures a moment spontaneously and turns it into a story with dreamlike qualities. Splashing water morphs into dancing flames and flying comets, New York’s Freedom Tower appears to enlighten those admiring its majestic form and London’s Millennium Bridge stages a water spectacle with rain playing the leading role. Layer by layer, different truths and perspectives take it in turn to be the focus of a visual fascination to celebrate the depth and diversity of urban life. The titles of the works act as a competent guide, yet the artist clearly wishes the visitor to select the route and its duration.


WHEN: 4th May – 4th June 2018.

WHERE: Cité du Temps, 1 pont de la Machine, 1204 Genève.

COST: Free entry.

FURTHER INFO: Click here.

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