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vendanges 2018 Geneva


HARVEST, DRINK AND CELEBRATE THIS YEAR’S LOCAL WINES! by Alexandra Belz Being literally surrounded by beautiful vineyards where I live in Bernex, it’s hard to miss all the frenetic activity that starts in September every year as the wineries harvest their grapes during the Vendanges. As a keen wine drinker, I decided to find out more about this year’s Vendanges…

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English movie reviews Geneva

ENGLISH MOVIE REVIEWS (14th September 2018)

ENGLISH MOVIE ROUND-UP OF THE WEEK (14 September 2018)   Highlights of English films showing in Geneva this week. by Sarah Scaddan We’re delighted to be introducing our NEW weekly English movie review column by contributor Sarah Scaddan. Check out our website every Friday to find out which English movies are worth seeing in Geneva!          …

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VISITING CERN By Chené Koscielny My brain was not wired to understand physics. Needless to say I’ve been in no rush to visit CERN, the largest particle physics lab on the planet, even though it is right on my doorstep. So, when CERN staff member Haydn du Plessis invited us on a private guided tour, I hesitated, but then decided…

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lunch restaurants in Geneva


AFFORDABLE MEALS FOR YOUR LUNCH BREAK  by Gaëlle Forget The rentrée has come and gone and everyone is back at work. Looking for new and interesting places to grab lunch to break up your work routine? Here’s our list of affordable and healthy lunches to enjoy on the go or at your desk – if you must.   TIGELLINO Tigellino…

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Eaux-Vives, Geneve


EXPLORE EAUX-VIVES: ONE OF GENEVA’S TRENDIEST QUARTERS   by Julie Gabus Eaux-Vives, formerly the city’s harbour, has become one of Geneva’s trendiest and liveliest areas – bristling with hip new bars, the latest food trends and arty coffee shops. We share some of our favourite addresses in this part of town.   WHY WE LOVE EAUX-VIVES Eaux Vives is not…

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family hikes near Geneva


FAMILY-FRIENDLY HIKES NEAR GENEVA  by Laura from Let’s Explore Jeûne Genevois is the perfect time to head for  the mountains and soak up the beautiful views! Summer may be over, but we are very lucky to have such beautiful nature on our doorstep and a local public holiday when most others are back to school or back to work! Get…

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mode suisse selection


SPOTLIGHT ON YOUNG SWISS DESIGNERS by Gaëlle Forget  Do you know any Swiss fashion designers?  Want to see some gorgeous dresses and other designs by locals? A new pop-up fashion space in Geneva celebrates young Swiss fashion designers. The temporary fashion outlet called Selection Mode Suisse and Desert Dreaming – is now open at the Librairie de l’Ile and is…

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casa tiki geneva


NEW TROPICAL BAR OPENS IN GENEVA CASA TIKI – JONCTION by Gaëlle Forget  The Geneva cocktail scene is exploding and its latest addition is Casa Tiki, which opened in August in Jonction. We decided to stop by for a nice Friday after work. There is after all no better way to start the weekend than sipping a tasty cocktail. Casa…

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