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by Chené Koscielny

Diners in Geneva are no longer into big, heavy meals. The latest trend to blow over from trendier world cites is to go out, drink cocktails and order several small plates among friends to share! We like!


A much more interesting, healthy, affordable and sociable way of eating.




As of June 2018 Geneva has a restaurant and cocktail lounge which is bang on trend: Eat Me Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Eaux Vives introduces the concept of “World on small plates” to Geneva.



Eat Me Restaurant GenevaWORLD CUISINE

The idea is to take diners on a culinary adventure of international cuisine served on small plates designed for sampling and sharing.

Serena Shamash, founder of Eat Me wanted to create a culinary experience of discovery based on her love of food and travel.


‘As an avid traveler, my most vivid recollections of my journeys are often the food that I sampled — the exciting flavours that represent the spirit of a city or a culture,’ explains Serena.


‘This was the inspiration behind the concept – the idea of capturing and sharing food souvenirs from around the world…’


Eat Me Restaurant GenevaSMALL PLATES

The food is served on small plates in an atmosphere designed for sharing and discovery.

‘We want to bring people together, and what better way for people to connect than over food? So, we have tried to create a convivial environment for sharing,’ says Serena.

‘Serving our recipes on small plates makes it easy for guests to taste many different dishes, to explore new combinations of ingredients, and to make new discoveries together.’






With food from four different geographic regions, Eat Me’s menu tempts guests with a colourful diversity of dishes such dishes such as the “Nikkei Market,” a ceviche of lobster done in the Peruvian-Japanese style of cuisine, and the “Harissa Chop House,” Middle Eastern-inspired grilled lamb chops served with a homemade harissa sauce. The menu also includes re-interpretations of classics like beef tartare, which the chef prepares with Eat Me’s secret recipe.

From the US you could try for instance 12 Mini cheddar cheeseburgers with spicy ‘nduja salumi, crispy bacon and caramelised onions at CHF12.

From the Asian dishes we opted for 16 Crispy shrimp lollipops served with a squid-ink infused yogurt dip for CHF16

From Europe the “Ris de veau” (sweetbreads) served with an artichoke purée and Swiss chards, drizzled with a blueberry jus were delicious.

There are several set menu options (for different budgets) available for bigger groups, which is what we opted for – and it was perfect, just the right combination and quantity of food to keep everyone happy. Highly recommended.





CREATIVE COCKTAILSEat Me Restaurant Geneva

Beyond the food, Eat me also has an artistic cocktail program that follows the same philosophy as the food – combining spirits from around the world with fresh ingredients and house-made infusions.

The bar tenders have created culinary cocktails that reflect the character of the region that inspired them, including drinks such as the “The Black Pearl,” a cocktail of rum spiced with cardamom and ginger, and the “Andalusia,” a gin libation made with rosemary, pepper and topped with a spicy chorizo chip.




We tested this venue for a birthday party and we loved it.  Every sharing platter sparked a new round of conversations as the diners tried to identify the interesting blend of flavours, ingredients and tastes. The food was unusual and divine, yet with enough ‘normal’ options such as mini burgers and tacos for fussy eaters. There was plenty for everyone and the cocktails went down very well too. A very good night out.

Definitely a YES from us! We’ll be back.



Serena is a Kenyan of Indian ethnicity and has been lucky enough to have lived and traveled in many parts of the world. The idea of sampling and sharing “food souvenirs” came from the Serena’s experiences meeting interesting people from all over the globe and learning about their foods and their cultures.

She opened the doors of the first Eat Me in Lausanne in March 2013.



Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00 till 00.00


6, Rue Zurlinden, 1207 Geneva


On their site


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