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If you don’t have wrinkles you haven’t laughed enough …


Sounds great in theory, but add to that the age spots, scars, dilated pores and spider veins that also come with living well and no one would blame me for seeking out treatments that promise to ‘erase the signs of time’. So when I was invited to test the Wishpro anti-age treatment at the new Individuel Spa & Boutique de Cosmetique, I  certainly didn’t say no.



Firstly, a word about the spa or salon – a new space dedicated to beauty and well-being at 43 rue de la Fontaine in the old town. The studio is stylishly subtle with loads of natural light. The Individuel brand is already present in seven Swiss cities.










Beautiful like no other 

The Individuel philosophy (I really like the sound of this) is to bring out your unique individual beauty by taking time to understand your skin and your needs and then creating a tailor made treatment plan.



This high tech electro-magnetic treatment is billed as a natural Botox and essentially uses magnetic fields to aide the penetration of cosmetic products (in the form of individualised capsules) deeply into the skin and allowing them to rejuvenate the cells from deep within.

The method is non-invasive and is meant to make the skin appear smoother, younger and firmer, with improvements visible after the first session.

Normally, you’d need 6-8 weekly sessions of 15 minutes at a time for maximum effects.

Starting from CHF99 per shot, my first treatment sadly also had to be my last for now – at least until this blog starts paying!

The beautician, who was very knowledgeable and professional, of course had to point out the black circles under my eyes (compliments of my three children), dilated pores (bad genes), wrinkles around the eyes and mouth (signs of my mis-spent youth) and promptly recommended the anti-age capsule with collagen.

I didn’t put up a fight. Any excuse to lie down for a few moments during the day is good enough for me.



My skin was gently, but thoroughly cleansed and prepared and the treatment itself was pleasant and relaxing, with a gentle, humming sound – I nodded off after 2 minutes…

The only slightly stressful part was when I chose to speak French, because I like to inflict my French conversation skills on any poor unsuspecting recipient, who has no choice but to grin and bear it!

Ask for an English-speaking beautician when you book, if you wish.



My skin appeared more radiant and I stepped out confidently into the street without a trace of make-up and with a broad smile, imagining myself to be at least 15 years younger.

No one else in my family appeared to notice my newfound youth, but then again they probably wouldn’t notice if I’d dyed my hair green and pierced my eyebrows and nose at the same time.

At least I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror a little bit more for a few days after the treatment.



Other treatments offered by Individuel include Bellacontour – which ‘sculpts’ the body using a machine, combining ultrasound, massage and magnetic fields to break up fat cells in targeted areas such as the tummy or hips in a non-invasive, pain-free way! Sounds worth a shot!



For more information about Individuel Spa and their treatments visit:



ADDRESS: 43 rue de la Fontaine, Genève.

OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:30am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, closed on Sundays.


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