ON WEDNESDAY, 13th of FEBRUARY enjoy FLOW – a creative dance show at Centre des Arts.
Flow, the new creation by the Linga company, is inspired by the fascinating spectacle of the natural world, of the movement of clouds of birds in the skies, of swarming insects, of teeming shoals of fish moving through water, of those endless herds of mammals migrating across the land.
These flexible and fluid formations, able to instantly change their speed and direction without losing coherence, question the laws of interaction which act on the different members of a group and the coordination of their movement; they suggested new choreographic dynamics based on the collective consciousness of movements in space.
Flow is also the first collaboration with Keda, a Franco-Korean duo composed of E’Joung-Ju and Mathias Delplanque, who enjoy blending the ancestral sounds of geomungo with contemporary textures, rhythms and electronic tones.
With a score specially composed for the piece, Flow creates for both dancers and the public a kinaesthetic experience that is all at once liberating, original and jubilant.
Linga is jointly supported by the City of Pully, the City of Lausanne, and the Canton of Vaud, and is sponsored in its tours by Pro Helvetia – Fondation Suisse pour la culture and Corodis. The company is in residence at the Octogone, Théâtre de Pully.
Centre des Arts, Ecolint, 62 Route de Chêne
Wednesday, 13th of February at 20h.
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