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by Camilla Camponovo 

After a slow start, we’re definitely making our way through the coldest period of the year. But this doesn’t mean that the fun is over: it has only just begun! Geneva offers a vast choice of ice-skating rinks in almost every neighbourhood, from large and indoor to charming and outdoor, from family-oriented to glamorous. Ice-skating is always an excellent solution if you want to do some sport, have fun and enjoy an amusing moment with family and friends. Grab your gloves, beanie and scarf, and let’s skate our way through the season!



ice-skating rinks in genevaOne of the most luxurious ice-skating rinks in Geneva, The Winter Lodge offers one of the largest private ice-skating rinks in town, with a restaurant offering a festive menu filled to the brim with winter classics. La Reserve offers the possibility to rent skates and take private lessons, which must be booked in advance.


La Reserve’s Winter Lodge

Route de Lausanne 301

1293 Bellevue

Open Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (10am – 6pm); Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (10am – 11pm)




ice skating rinks geneva The entrance to this charming patinoire is free! You can bring your own skates, or rent them onsite for CHF2 (which is the going rate in Geneva). If you wish, you can also rent them in advance for 12 visits, for just CHF20. If ice-skating is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy some fondue and raclette while watching others brave the ice.


Parc du Château-Pictet, place de Fête

Le Grand Saconnex

Open from 7th November, 2018, to 3rd March, 2019; Tuesday and Wednesday (10am – 7pm); Thursday, Friday and Saturday (10am – 8pm), Sunday (10am – 7pm); closed on Monday

*Time schedule may vary according to weather conditions

**Closed on 25th December, 2018, and 1st January, 2019



ice skating rinks geneva Sous Moulin is one of three indoor ice-skating rinks in Geneva (the others are Meyrin and Vernets – read on to find out more!). Entrance for children and students is CHF 3, and CHF 6 for adults. Sous Moulin rents skates to visitors f

CHF2. Because the rink hosts events and competitions, access to the public is more limited than elsewhere – make sure to check the schedule carefully before you go. Credit cards are accepted for purchases of CHF 50 and above.


Centre Sportif Sous Moulin

Route de Sous Moulin 39

1226 Thônex

Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (1.30pm – 4.30pm); Friday (2/3 of the rink are open to the public from 12pm to 1.30pm; the whole rink is open from 1.30pm to 4.30pm); Saturday (2.30 – 3.45; 3.45 – 5.15); Sunday (2.15pm – 3.30pm; 3.30pm – 5pm; 5pm – 6.45pm); closed on Wednesday

*Please note all opening times may vary; please contact the administrative office for more information concerning availability.




ice skating rinks geneva Patinoire des Vernets is an ice-skating rink in Acacias. The Centre Sportif de Vernets complex offers two ice-skating rinks: a big one inside and a second one outside. For added convenience, the centre also has a restaurant and parking.


Patinoire des Vernets

Rue Hans-Wilsdorf 4

1227 Les Acacias

Please visit their website for more detailed information on opening times.




ice skating rinks geneva

The entrance to this rink is free, and so is renting their skates! The ice-skating rink in Plan les Ouates can also be hired for special events, such as birthday parties, corporate year-end parties, and even weddings. If you’d like to find out more, please contact Baris Budak (078 917 75 72).


Ecole du Pré-du-Camp

Route des Chevaliers-de-Malte 15

1228 Plan-les-Ouates

Please check their website for more information about opening days.




ice skating rinks geneva The ice-skating rink at Bastions is located against the wonderfully festive backdrop of a Christmas market. The 400-square-metre rink is right next to the Reformation monument inside the park. The entrance to the rink is free, and renting ice-skates is CHF 2.

This ice-skating rink will also be the setting of a special event: every Wednesday, from 4pm to 6pm, the association Roller Salom Geneva will display their incredible ice-skating talent and invite visitors to join in exciting games.


Parc des Bastions

Promenade des Bastions 1

1204 Geneva

The ice-skating rink is open from 17th December, 2018, to 24th February, 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday. You can find more information about opening days here.




ice skating rinks geneva The entrance to the rink is free, and renting ice-skates onsite costs CHF 2 for one person, or CHF 5 for a whole family. Parking at the mairie is available to the public.


Patinoire de Bernex

Chemin du Signal 29 (behind the football pavilion)

1233 Bernex

Open from 16th November, 2018, to 3rd March, 2019. More information about opening hours can be found here.




The entrance to this little open-air patinoire is free, and renting skates costs CHF 2, much like in other ice-skating rinks in town. It is the ideal location for young kids to practice their budding ice hockey skills!


Patinoire des Charmilles

Promenade de l’Europe 11

1203 Geneva

The rink is open from 23rd October, 2018, to 23rd February, 2019. It is available to the public from Tuesday to Friday (3pm – 7pm) and Saturday (11am – 7pm).

More information can be found here.




ice skating rinks geneva Entrance to this popular outdoor patinoire and renting skates onsite is free for children up to six years old; for those aged six and above, renting skates costs CHF 2. Please note that this ice-skating rink requires that all visitors wear gloves.

For those who came just to enjoy the scenery, there is a little bar offering fondue, crêpes and soups. The patinoire is open everyday, except Monday.


Patinoire saisonnière – Ville de Carouge

Place de Sardaigne

1227 Carouge

For more information about opening times, please click here.

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