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Prepare yourself – you’ll feel very small in the presence of two giants who are set to parade around the streets of Geneva over a three-day period at the end of this month. Created by the French theatre company Royal de Luxe, the giants form part of an impressive piece of street theatre that have been astonishing and amazing audiences worldwide in recent years.

Find out where you can watch the giants lower down in this article – thousands of people are expected, so get their early!



Established in 1979 in Toulouse, the Compagnie Royal de Luxe created its first giant in 1993 and has since visited 18 cities in 11 countries – from Reykjavik (Iceland) to Lisbon (Portugal) and Foulou (Cameroon) to Perth (Australia) among many others. Nearly 20 million spectators around the world have experienced the paths they have trodden and tales narrated by these spectacular giants.


WHOla saga des géants geneve

Two giants – Grandmother and Little Giant, ably assisted by their red suited Lilliputians. The largest, Grandmother, at 85 years of age needs 25 assistants to bring her to life (not surprisingly, as she is an impressive 7.30 metres tall and weighs 1,787kg). With Breton and Irish origins, she has a strong, intrepid and malicious character yet, at the same time, a grandmotherly tenderness. Using a cane she is able to walk at 1.2km per hour, but seated in her wheelchair she is able to whizz around at over twice that speed – apparently she likes a drop of whisky, so who knows what she’ll get up to!

Little Giant measures 5.5 metres, weighs 800kg and is aided by 20 Lilliputians. Travelling on her scooter, she can reach speeds up to 4km per hour.  Character-wise she is coquettish and often changes her outfits depending on her desires and where her travels take her. She likes nothing better than to encourage children to climb into her arms and offer them a swing ride or a lick of her favourite lolly.



Friday 29th September until Sunday 1st October 2017.



To find out where you can see the giants – check out the official route through Geneva for the coming weekend.






Click here for more info or check out their facebook page @geantsgeneve.





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