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by Kelly Marcisz

If, like me, you’re still stuck with those few extra kilos that sneak up on you during winter, a high intensity, fun, outdoor boot camp with an encouraging, expert trainer and a great group of people may be just what your body needs.

outdoor bootcamp geneva

Jameel used to be a professional breakdancer.


If you’re not a ‘fitness freak’ joining a boot camp may sound terribly daunting. Luckily, I stumbled across an awesome boot camp with expert personal trainer, Jameel “Westrok” Coleman, who has over 14 years experience as a certified master instructor and personal coach. Interestingly, he also was a professional breakdancer for 22 years, which explains the funky music he has playing!

Jameel’s infectious energy and fun class is a winning combination, which now has me thoroughly excited and determined to get my body back into shape!



It is clear upon meeting Jameel, that he has made fitness and health his life’s passion. His enthusiasm for what he does, rubs off on you. This energy is infused into his class so everyone starts with a smile and ends with a smile – albeit a rather sweaty one! Whether you are a regular or first-timer, he makes an effort to greet everyone and checks in with us before the class starts. As this was my first time attending and I was training with a group of strangers, I was a bit nervous, but I was immediately put at ease. Jameel’s high energy and positive attitude got me pumped to start our sweaty session!




There are many highlights to Jameel’s bootcamp:


Firstly they happen outside, which allows you to enjoy the good weather and soak up some Vitamin D while you’re at it.


outdoor bootcamp geneva GROUP EFFECT

The group training is a big plus as it is motivating to train with other people and we were able to encourage each other along the way. The classes also are in English, so you don’t get ‘lost in translation’ plus the training group is mostly made up of expats, which is another great way of meeting people if you are new to Geneva.




His boot camps are pretty affordable for Geneva standards; each session is 25 CHF for a 60-minute class (there is a minimum purchase of 3 sessions) or 22.50 CHF if you purchase 10 or more sessions at a time.



Jameel’s positive encouragement, the variety of the exercises and the group effect makes this boot camp score 10/10 on the fun factor. He’ll get the best out of you without driving you to tears.



Jameel’s classes are an interesting combination of total body moves – based on his understanding of dance, functional training patterns, explosive exercise (Olympic lifting to kettle bell work) and balancing this with breath work and stretching.  



I’ve been through my fair share of exercise classes and personal trainers but the boot camp with Jameel was a great experience, which I can highly recommend.

Instead of a cookie cutter version of exercises and activities, he catered for the class, making sure everyone could manage the given exercises and could have fun while doing it.

He also paid a lot of attention to warming us up as well as preparing us mentally for the class. He spent a good 10 minutes coaching us on breathing techniques, which he emphasised is the key to having the most efficient workout.

Instead of a gruelling 60-minute non-stop workout; the boot camp was broken down into a thorough warm up and mental prep, an intense 20 minutes of high-intensity workout and then a focus on warming down and ending the class with tips for the day and words of encouragement.

Make no mistake you push yourself hard in the workout but you are not left for dead at the end.

In my opinion, workouts are meant to be fun and this boot camp with the outdoors, the fab music and an experienced trainer leading the way, all makes for a winning formula! So, who’s joining?



“His classes are high energy and he really enjoys training us as a group. He makes everyone feel comfortable and will know everyone’s names!”

“It’s a cool way to start a Saturday, good people, good music, good vibes and best part is after the workout you know you have deserved a guilt-free beer”

For more information visit: www.rokforcefusion.com or follow him on Facebook @ROKFORCEFUSION

JAMEEL is also a one-on-one personal trainer – more information on his website.

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