Parc Bertrand concerts


SUNDAY, 17 JUNE – enjoy a free concert in Parc Bertrand in Champel, Geneva, as part of a series of summer concerts between June and August. This Sunday’s concert will feature contemporary dance music.

“Palette” & “Wodod”: Cédric GAGNEUR, Marc OOSTERHOFF and Raphaël SMADJA.

Take a picnic blanket and sit on the lawn or otherwise standing spaces or bring your own chair.

The concert starts at 4pm, so enjoy a cake and coffee or tea at Maison du Gateau at 57 Route de Florissant (not the fastest service but you can sit outside in the sun and watch the world go by) or Café Athénée at 37 Rue de L’Athénée (superior pastries particularly the tarte fine aux pommes and macaron framboise). Both tea rooms are open till 6pm or take a picnic.

The concerts are FREE.

Upcoming concerts will take place on August 19, 25th and 26th.

The park has a lovely play area for children.

For more info, the full programme and weather updates visit their website.


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