by Vivian Holding

With the arrival of warmer weather, we’re starting to look forward to those long, lazy summer days. Now’s the perfect time to prep your indoor and outdoor spaces by giving your existing décor a little lift.

One of the hottest interior decorating trends around is the tropical style. By adding a few carefully selected items in wicker, rattan or bamboo and accessories with tropical images like palm leaves, cheeseplant leaves, tropical birds and exotic fruit, you can bring the tropics into your home and garden without breaking the bank. Just be prepared to turn up the heat!

We have selected our pick of the tropical offerings from accessibly-priced local shops and providers  – H&M Home, Zara Home, Interio, Maisons du Monde and a new find that we love CasaCorinne.



Cushion Covers/Tablecloths

One of the easiest ways to update your interiors is to simply change the cushion covers on your sofa, chairs or outdoor furniture and change your tablecloth.






Cushion Covers H&M 12.95CHF, 7,95CHF and 12.95CHF






Cushion Covers Interio 29.90CHF and 34.90CHF






Cushion Covers Maisons du Monde 23.95CHF, 11,95CHF and 8.95CHF










We also like these brightly coloured homemade wax-printed cushion covers from CasaCorinne (priced from 69-89 Euros) and custom made on demand. CasaCorinne is all about colour and pattern, with a soft spot for beautiful African wax fabric. All cushions are handmade with perfect attention to detail, sewn by Corinne.








Tablecloths H&M 29.95CHF each, Zara Home 69.90






Paper Napkins Zara Home 4.90CHF, Maisons du Monde 2.50CHF




Touches of the botanical/tropical trend can be seen on everything from candles to china.








Candles H&M 12.95CHF, 19.95CHF and 12.95CHF



If you already have a collection of white china, why not add a few additional plates/cups and update their look?






H&M Printed china cups and small plate 7.95CHF each






Maisons du Monde plates 9.90CHF (for 2), glasses (set of 6) 21.00CHF, platter 20.95CHF and salad bowl 21.95






Zara Home dessert plate 6.90CHF/dinner plate 8.90CHF



Natural Elements

Rattan and wicker have made a big comeback this year – furniture, mirrors, baskets and lanterns can all be used inside and outdoors in the summer. You’ll find this trend in all many interior design shops now – or why not scour local brocantes and second hand shops to see what you vintage finds they have on offer?








H&M lantern small size 19.95CHF/large size 34.95CHF, basket small size 19.95CHF/large size 29.95CHF







Interio chair 449CHF, side table 149CHF, serving basket 16.90CHF







Maisons du Monde Vintage style peacock chair 219.90CHF, lantern 90.95CHF, mirrors 53.95CHF and 59.95CHF





Zara Home coffee table 169CHF



Plants/Greenery & Plant Holders

Bring a living element to your home by introducing some lush greenery with large leaved plants – Swiss cheese plants, philodendrons, rubber plants or indoor palms (if you have the space) will all make a great statement.

Choose a rattan or bamboo plant holder or pot (preferably plastic lined) or use a brass pot (like Zara Home’s below) to add a touch of luxury.

We’ve found some very reasonably priced large plants at Interio, Ikea, Migros garden centre and Botanic (France).







Interio plant basket 49.90CHF, Zara Home planter 99.90CHF, Maisons du Monde planters (set of 3) 62.95CHF




H&M Home

Zara Home


Maisons du Monde

CasaCorinne – contact: +33 608 69 08 83

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