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A bagel is just a bagel – or is it?  I’ve had a few bagels in my life but it’s been a while since I’ve been so taken by a bagel that I have to keep going back for more. These are the bagels you’ll find at Three Kids Bagels: a cute, recently opened take-away restaurant in town.

When you need a quick bite, take-away options are often the unhealthy option – definitely not the case with these tasty and fresh bagels!




The original ‘three kids’ are childhood friends turned entrepreneurial foodie partners – Juliette, Harold and Tourane. Due to the success of their launch late last year, another of their childhood friends Edouard has recently joined the team. With their aprons on, caps on back to front – they are ready and eager to tackle the hungry Genevan lunch crowd.


Popular in the USA, Canada and the UK, the origins of the bagel date back to the 17th century in Eastern European Jewish communities, where the word bagel comes from the word beigen, the Yiddish verb meaning to bend.

Traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring, what sets them apart from traditional bread is that they are boiled in water for a short time and then baked. The resulting bread give a crispier outer crust and soft dough. But why the hole? It is thought to have helped market sellers to handle and transport them more easily and to allow for a more visually pleasing display, as they were often threaded through strings or placed on top of each other on dowels.



Tucked in a hidden corner of rue de Vieux-College, Three Kids’ must be one of the smallest but cutest take-aways in Geneva. The shop front leaves no mystery into what is on offer inside. Threaded onto dowels in the shop window is an impressive range of tasty looking bagels with various toppings – plain, sesame, poppy seed, multi-seed or garlic and parmesan.

The decor inside is modern industrial looking in shades of grey with the takeaway counter at the front of the shop and a small area at the back seating just four on bar stools at a counter. Avoid the main lunchtime rush and you’re sure to grab a spot, alternatively, take your bagel away and find a park bench nearby.


My favourite – the Plainpalais


The freshness and flavour of the bagels. Prepared daily, their bagels are made using organic flour milled the traditional way (stone-ground) from the Ferme de Verpillères in Choulex. They are kneaded, boiled and baked on their premises and then individually warmed before being filled.

Three Kids use regional and seasonal products in their signature bagel fillings, which come in various combinations, named after different parts of the city.  I have already tried out all bar one (the Eaux-Vives) and all were absolutely delicious. If I was forced to choose my favourite, I’d have to say the Plainpalais, with the bargain priced Nutella one coming in a close second – but who knows, perhaps I will change my mind once I’ve sampled the Eaux-Vives!

In addition to their signature bagels, they offer a bagel of the month, a seasonal bagel as well as bargain priced bagels at just 5CHF each.

Their signature bagels (priced between 10CHF-11.50CHF):

  • EAUX-VIVES – jambon cru, mozarella, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and salad
  • CHAMPEL – pastrami, cornichons, caramelized onions, cheddar and honey mustard
  • COLOGNY – smoked salmon, sprinkled with onions, lemon, dill and salad
  • GROTTES – aubergine, goats’ cheese with walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, a honey mustard and lettuce
  • PLAINPALAIS – chicken with a tartare sauce, melted Gruyère cheese, onions and lettuce

They also offer a small selection of different desserts (I tried the apple compote with a speculoos biscuit topping) as well as homemade iced tea.



Priced at just 5CHF, their petite faim range of bagels are a real bargain. Choose from cream cheese, peanut butter, Cenovis (a spread similar to Marmite/Vegemite), nutella, jam or honey.

I shared a nutella bagel for dessert that was warm, chocolatey and squidgy – perfect if you have a sweet tooth like mine.



WHERE: 10 rue du Vieux-College, 1204 Genève.

OPENING HOURS: Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.






Other places in Geneva to get your bagel fix:



This modern and bright café, although not a specialist bagel shop, offer a range of sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches and bagels, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

They have a couple of great seating areas – I prefer the one at the back of the shop which is more relaxed, perfect for having a coffee and bagel whilst reading a chapter or two of a book.

Click here to read our review of Les Filles Indignes.

WHERE: 10 rue de l’Arquebuse, 1204 Genève.

FURTHER INFO: Click here.



Bagelstein opened only last year in March and their Balexert Centre location is their second restaurant in Switzerland (there is also a branch in Nyon).

Choose from seven different types of bagels (nature, wholemeal, cereal, sesame, poppyseed, cheese or shallot), then one of their choices of filling or choose your own. They also sell their bagels unfilled, should you wish to take some home with you. Various menus are available, including drink and desserts.

WHERE: Centre Commercial Balexert, 27 Avenue Louis Casaï, 1211 Genève.

FURTHER INFO: Click here.




bagels in GenevaFreshly filled bagels, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and amazing coffee are on offer in this café, located in the Passsage Malbuisson in the centre of town. The main counter for ordering your freshly filled bagel is situated downstairs at the entrance of the café. There is also a separate counter to order a quick coffee to take out, if you don’t have time to sit upstairs in their spacious loft style seating area.


Whether you opt for a breakfast bagel (scrambled egg, bacon and cheddar) with a wake me up coffee (they are open from 7am 6 days a week) or choose a traditional cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel for lunch (the Montréal), there’s a bagel filling to suit every taste.

WHERE: Passage Malbuisson, rue due Marché, 1204 Genève.

FURTHER INFO: Click here.

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