A gruesome tram ride through the seedy underbelly of the city! Learn about the city’s worst criminals on a tram ride. At each stop you will hear tales of bloody crimes that will send shivers down your spine!

From the seats of your carriage meet the strange family man from the Glass House, the mincing jeweller, the cuckold/widower/contract killer of Rive, or learn about the Tram 12 murder, the unsolved cold case.
Six stories of murder – passionate, deranged. Women in love, abandoned women, jealous women. Deranged men, rotten men, crazy men. Six stories that took place in Geneva!

Number of seats limited to 48
Duration of the show: 2h00

Geneva seems to be such a respectable place! Yet the City of Calvin keeps many secrets. There is another side to Geneva, weird and dark. Unexpected, surprising, shocking. A Geneva so unknown that even the Genevois themselves are unaware of it. Are you ready to dive in?

Adapted from Corinne Jacquet’s bestseller ‘Meurtres à Genève’ (Geneva Murders) by Jacques Sallin, Tram’Drames is staged in the historic green trams, in collaboration with the association that maintains them, the Association Genevoise du Musée des Tramways. A night at the theatre – where the stage (and the audience) are traveling along the tram tracks! The narrow, moving stage provides an exciting challenge for the performers, who bring the stories to life in the very vehicles that worked the city at the time they took place…and in some cases, bore witness to the original crimes.

All aboard! Join us for a tram ride that will send shivers down your spine! From the comfort of your seat, discover the bloodiest crimes in Geneva history:  visit the Glass House and meet its creepy head of the household, encounter the jeweler with a penchant for dismemberment, discover the sad tale of the Rive Hit Man, and try to solve the only unsolved mystery to take place on the tram tracks: the 12 Tram Murder.

Plays in English : 14, 16, 20, 22, 26, 28 June



Plainpalais tram stop
Rond-Point de Plainpalais
1205 Geneva


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